For over a decade, I've helped America's leading progressive groups and startups use technology to achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently.

My direct experience with the entire process of planning and executing digital campaigns — not just strategic development, but also the brand design, copywriting, web design, and technical development — allows me to meet deadlines impossible for consultants who outsource steps in the process.

I enjoy working on small teams building early stage products that support progressive causes and outcomes. I am currently available for:


Since I first got my hands on my dad's Minolta SR-T 101, I've had a passion for photography and capturing images that surprise and delight. When I shoot, I look for candid visual ambiguity: the surreal, the hyperreal, the unreal. I like abstract shapes, minimalist composition, bold lighting, and strong lines. I've picked out my favorite hundred or so from my recent travels for you to peruse or purchase.

Gallery & Prints
Photo: Red UmbrellasPhoto: CamerasPhoto: StonehengePhoto: Trumpet Player


Though many of my paintings are abstract, I use techniques from realistic painting to add feeling light, depth, and motion.

When I paint, I often build on my own art or classic masterpieces: painting a photo I took or repurposing the composition of a da Vinci. Or I just start painting and keep adding layers until it seems done.

Contact me for a full catalog or to purchase originals and prints.

On exhibit at:

Pushcart Coffee, Gramercy Park, NYC.

Painting - SauntraPainting - ShadowsPainting - BrazilonePainting - UntitePainting - Vesrise


Look, I get it. This music is not for everyone. To be honest, it's really just for one person: me.

If you listen, you will hear the influences of an 8-bit childhood filled with a formal education in music performance and theory and self-taught keyboard skills.

This is a sampling of my more recent work, including an improvised piano piece, some chiptune-y stuff, and a spoken word track you might find a little fowl. Maybe you like that kind of stuff, maybe you don't. But just like a tautology: it is what it is.


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